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Public Realm Services; Regeneration Services; Community Services and Ancillary Services.

Prior information notice


Directive 2004/18/EC

Section I: Contracting authority

I.1)Name, addresses and contact point(s)

Herefordshire Council
Brockington, 35 Hafod Road
Contact point(s):
For the attention of: Joanne O'Neill
HR1 1SH Hereford
Telephone: +44 1432383668

Internet address(es):

General address of the contracting authority:

Further information can be obtained from: The above mentioned contact point(s)

I.2)Type of the contracting authority
Regional or local authority
I.3)Main activity
General public services
I.4)Contract award on behalf of other contracting authorities

The contracting authority is purchasing on behalf of other contracting authorities: yes

To be confirmed within the contract notice

Section II.B: Object of the contract (Supplies or services)

II.1)Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority:
Public Realm Services; Regeneration Services; Community Services and Ancillary Services.
II.2)Type of contract and place of delivery or of performance
Service category No 12: Architectural services; engineering services and integrated engineering services; urban planning and landscape engineering services; related scientific and technical consulting services; technical testing and analysis services
The County of Herefordshire. However please note it is the intention of the Authority that this contract will be available for use (although such usage cannot be guaranteed) by other contracting authorities who will be named in the contract notice. The place of performance may therefore be wider. (Please see section II.8 for further detail).


II.3)Information on framework agreement
The notice involves the establishment of a framework agreement: no
II.4)Short description of nature and quantity or value of supplies or services:
Market Consultation Exercise on Prospective Procurement(s) in respect of a range of services currently packaged as follows: Package A: Public Realm Services; Package B: Regeneration Services; Package C: Community Services; Package D: Ancillary Services.
Estimated cost excluding VAT:
Range: between 200 000 000,00 and 1 000 000 000,00 GBP


This contract is divided into lots: no
II.5)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)

71300000, 71311220, 71311210, 45233139, 45233100, 45233200, 71631480, 50230000, 45233260, 50232100, 71322500, 90610000, 90640000, 77310000, 77314000, 77320000, 77340000, 45246000, 45111240, 70000000, 70110000, 70333000, 71240000, 71315000, 71315300, 71315400, 71356400, 50700000, 50760000, 98351000, 98351110, 63712700, 79311400, 71410000, 90700000, 90711200, 79130000, 85312310, 79950000, 90600000, 98371100, 98371111, 98380000, 77500000, 90910000, 90920000, 55500000, 64120000, 79800000, 44420000, 44423400, 79992000, 98341120, 98341140, 50100000

II.6)Scheduled date for start of award procedures
II.7)Information about Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)
The contract is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA): yes
II.8)Additional information:
Outline of objectives.
Herefordshire Council ('The Council') intends to commence procurement(s) for Public Realm Services; Regeneration Services; Community Services; Ancillary Services during 2012 / 2013. The program is likely to commence with a procurement for Package A: Public Realm Services (although other services may be added to this) which is anticipated to commence during October 2012. The Council is working towards a commencement date of 1st September 2013 for this contract.
The Council is issuing this PIN to invite organisations to participate (be ‘Participants’) in a market consultation project (‘Consultation’) which will enable the Council to gather the views of Participants to meet the following objectives: inform specification and process development; assist the project team in packaging the procurement(s) to maximise competition and ensure sufficient market interest in the procurement(s); to understand which organisations may be interested in supplying some or all of the services and to determine any particular risks and issues that need to be further considered.

The background to the market consultation exercise is that the Council is currently carrying out a staged comprehensive review of the way in which it delivers its services (the ‘Root and Branch’ Review). The process seeks to actively challenge the need for the service as well as the effectiveness of the delivery from varying perspectives, in particular, of the end user; the community and the Council. As a result the Council will develop options for the redesign of services that will effectively and efficiently meet primarily the demands of the future in Herefordshire, but also of the region and the UK. The market consultation exercise will contribute to the perspectives received as part of this review and the results of the review in turn will contribute to the assessment of the procurement feasibility of the services. Further details can be viewed via the following link:

Generally, the Council seeks to work more closely with the community in delivering services and has identified 9 localities within Herefordshire which, together with its 138 parish councils, help to define and deliver services tailored to local needs in the county. The Council wishes to strengthen this approach by ensuring that services delivered by public and private sector partnerships and community groups are commissioned (and when applicable regulated) by the Council in such a way as to ensure local needs are met (and not least in accordance with Localism Act 2012 and any amendments thereto). The Council would welcome innovative ideas to support this, such as neighbourhood teams to maintain and improve the public realm.

Such initiatives should also seek to further the Council’s objectives as set out in the Council’s Corporate Plan:

The Council welcomes participation from fully formed or potential consortia.
Outline of service requirements.
This PIN contains details of the Council’s prospective requirements; as far as their details are know at this time. Details will be finally confirmed within any Contract Notice(s). It is anticipated that the scope of services to be procured will include four packages of services (A - D), however the mixture of the services to be included within each package has not yet been finalised.
Packages may be awarded to a sole Service or multiple Service Providers. The Council anticipates that this will be via multiple procurements, which may include lots. (Potentially some packages may be awarded wholly or in part, in the form of framework agreements, but as this has yet to be determined it has not been firmly stipulated in this notice under Section II.3).
Package A: Public Realm Services.
1. Highways Management Services;
2. Highways Maintenance and Improvement works;
3. Traffic Control Systems Maintenance;
4. Street Lighting;
5. Street Cleaning;
6. Public Rights Of Way;
7. Parks & Open Spaces; (some elements may also be included within Package D)
8. Land Drainage;
9. Local Flood Risk Management; and
10. Associated Professional Services
The Council is keen to explore options for a more strategic approach to the management of its highways assets. This could include an investment programme to improve the overall asset condition taking into account the distinctively rural character of Herefordshire which includes, for example, many byways open to all traffic. The Council would be interested in innovative ways to finance such an investment programme with the overall aims of the improvement of highways and to reduce, in the long term, the requirement for revenue spending on routine maintenance.
Package B: Regeneration Services.
11. Economic Development
12. Regeneration Programmes
13. Sustainable Communities Service
14. Sustainability Management Service
15. Asset Management and Property Services
16. Associated Professional Services
17. Energy and Utilities Management Services
18. Building Services (some elements may also be included within Package D)
19. Parking Services
a. Car Parking and Traffic Management
b. Street Parking Enforcement
c. Shopmobility Services
Package C: Community Services.
20. Housing Services
a. Housing needs & development
b. Private sector housing
c. Home improvement agency
d. Homelessness and housing advice services
21. Planning Services
a. Planning - development management
b. Planning - forward/strategic planning
c. Planning - conservation
d. Planning - archaeology
e. Building control
22. Environmental Health Services
a. Environmental health - environmental protection
b. Environmental health - air pollution inc. Industrial permitting service; air quality
c. Environmental health - private water supplies service
d. Environmental health - contaminated land service
e. Closed landfill site management
f. Environmental health - commercial
23. Associated Professional Services
24. Bereavement Services
25. Licensing Services
26. Trading Standards Services
27. Markets, Fairs and Street Trading Services
28. Community Protection Services
29. Travellers’ Services
30. Animal health and Welfare
Package D: Ancillary Services.
31. Courier Service
32. Pest Control Services
33. Fleet Management
34. Building Cleaning (some elements may may also be included within Package B)
35. Catering
36. Print
37. Building Services (some elements may also be included within Package B)
38. Parks & Open Spaces (some elements may also be included within Package A)
It is the intention of the Council to retain statutory and policy making functions within a core team of Council officers.
Value range 200 000 000 GBP-1 000 000 000 GBP.
The anticipated contract values have been broadly but realistically estimated: the lower level of the range has been estimated on the basis of current contractual spend for Herefordshire (only) multiplied by the anticipated minimum initial contract period of 10 years for the prospective public realm contract.
The upper level of the value range incorporates anticipated maximum spend, (including all services within the likely scope of any contract notice(s), for the full contract period(s) of the anticipated length of the contracts, (including any extensions), including an allowance to accommodate anticipated usage from other contracting authorities who will be named within the contract notice, although such usage may not occur). This estimate of values (along with potential participating contracting authorities) will be confirmed in the contract notice(s).
Please note that this is a market consultation exercise and the profile of services that will be taken to tender by the Council is not fixed; the services listed within the PIN are not exhaustive and the Council may add or withdraw services from the profile described. Indeed, it is this tailoring of the procurement exercise that is a primary objective of the Consultation. Outcomes may include tendering for these services via a separate procurement that may be run concurrently with the procurement for Public Realm Services; the inclusion of further services within the procurement for Public Realm Services; procuring these services at a future date or indeed by not procuring these services at all. The Council also may decide to include Services (within the scope of any procurement) which would not be commissioned on commencement of the contract, but which may be commissioned during the lifetime of the contract.
With particular regard to the prospective procurement for Public Realm Services, Service Provider(s) are sought who will achieve the Council’s commissioning objective in the joint development of a Service / Contract Model which enables the delivery of high service standards and levels of customer satisfaction; plus the achievement of continuous improvement; process efficiencies and reductions in overall costs. The Service / Contract Model will seek to effectively balance the risks between the Council and the Service Provider(s), whilst being flexible enough to respond not only to the Council’s evolving requirements, statutory duties and responsibilities; but also to innovative developments within the industry sectors over the period of the contract.
In addition, the strategic nature; duration; level of investment and partnership working necessitated within the potential Public Realm Contract (and possibly other contracts for the services depending upon how these are packaged), means that the Council is seeking a Service / Contract Model which will deliver investment in the technology and the human resources required to assure effective service delivery. The Council would welcome suggestions as to how this could be best achieved within the Service / Contract Model such as by way of local economy investment and ensuring appropriate access to jobs; training and staff development opportunities.

Again, such initiatives across all potential contracts should seek to further the Council’s objectives as set out in the Council’s Corporate Plan:

Outline of the proposed procurement and consultation processes.
Due to the complexity of the Council’s requirements; the determination of the profile of the services to be provided and the need to identify the best possible solution potentially through dialogue with Participants (and ultimately organisations who progress to the tendering stage of the procurement (‘Tenderers’), the Council is currently intending to use the competitive dialogue process to award the potential Public Realm contract. (However as noted above a different approach may be taken depending on how services are ultimately packaged taking into account the Responses and the Root and Branch Review. Certainly services may be tendered separately and if so, the process used may vary, for example, services under Package D would be most likely to be via the restricted process).

This PIN is to advertise that the Council will be conducting a market consultation exercise which (due to the anticipated volume of responses) will be conducted in phases) during 2012. Market consultation will commence during August 2012: Further details of the Consultation and the Consultation Questionnaire can be obtained via the link to the Council's Market Consultation Internet page via the following link.

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1)Conditions relating to the contract
III.1.1)Main financing conditions and payment arrangements and/or reference to the relevant provisions governing them:
III.2)Conditions for participation
III.2.1)Information about reserved contracts

Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Information about European Union funds
The contract is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: no
VI.2)Additional information:
VI.3)Information on general regulatory framework
VI.4)Date of dispatch of this notice: